Communicable Disease Prevention

As vaccinations have become widely available to British Columbians, the overall risk of COVID-19 transmission is reduced. However, the virus may still circulate, as will the viruses for other communicable diseases, such as seasonal influenza, norovirus, and others.

A communicable disease is an illness caused by an infectious agent or its toxic product that can be transmitted from person to person. Examples of communicable diseases that may circulate include COVID-19, norovirus, and seasonal influenza.

Communicable disease prevention focuses on basic risk reduction principles to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 and other communicable diseases. The fundamental components of communicable disease prevention include both ongoing measures to maintain health and cleanliness and additional measures to be implemented as advised by Public Health.

Our clinic will slowly be transitioning into disease prevention over the summer and fall. For now we still require patients to the clinic to wear a mask.

Thank you for all your understanding during this process.

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