Bulging and Herniated Discs

A Blend of Chiropractic Therapies Can Speed Recovery

Our Chiropractic Approach to Bulging and Herniated Discs

Are you feeling tingling, numbness, arm/leg pain, dizziness (in some cases with cervical disc herniation)? These are common side effects of disc bulges and herniations as they put pressure on the adjacent spinal nerve root.  If the pressure is not reduced, permanent nerve damage can result. Dr. Bains understands how these injuries can alter your life. He recovered from a severely herniated disc along with two bulged discs in his neck.

Recovery Rates Can Improve When Combining Therapies

Our patients have recovered at a much higher rate and decreased recovery time when they blend chiropractic adjustments with spinal decompression therapy.

Adjustments can help restore normal motion to the joint which will take pressure off the nerve. Spinal Decompression will create a negative pressure within the affected disc allowing retraction of the disc. This will take pressure off of the nerve.  Spinal Decompression allows the spinal disc to become healthier by drawing water into the disc increasing nutrient exchange and local blood flow.

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